Dad Delivers a Hilarious "Press Conference" Following a Typical Day With Kids

Evan Kyle Berger, one half of the Dumb Dad podcast, delivered a press conference any sports coach would be proud of, except his "game" looked a little different. Instead of commenting on passing pucks or collecting rebounds, Evan fielded questions about a day with his kids, and phew, what. a. day.

In the hilarious TikTok video captioned, "Hate doing these but it's part of the deal," Evan is set up with his microphone in front of a sponsor wall (Skippy and Cat & Jack were his sponsors, of course). With bottles of ibuprofen and Tums sitting next to him, Evan opens by summing up the game day, claiming that it feels like they "got behind early" and that it was difficult to come back from spilled milk and one of his kids drawing on the wall in marker. The dad — who is covered in randomly placed stickers and at one point pulls a Lego out of his hair — continues, discussing the time out he and the kids took at one point. "It felt like we were losing our heads there for a minute, so we wanted to just calm things down and get back to the basics."

Truly, you could hear just about any sports coach deliver those same lines, no? Above, watch Evan's "press conference" in full to hear how he dealt with losing his keys, giving his kids a snack 30 minutes before dinner, and being double-teamed. Hang in there, Coach Dad!