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Dad Trying to Put His Toddler to Sleep | Video

If This Dad Trying — and Failing — to Put His Toddler to Sleep Ain’t Parenting in a Nutshell . . .

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Posted by Kiley Duncan on Thursday, October 24, 2019

Ahhh, the joys of parenting. Kiley Duncan, the dad of a toddler, showed off being a parent in a nutshell with a viral video he shared in which he tries to put his son to sleep three times to no avail. In the video, Kiley can be seen with his son asleep but clinging to his neck as he attempts to lower the boy down onto the couch for a nap. As soon as Kiley moves the slightest bit away from him, however, his son jumps up, suddenly alert. Even though he's got to be frustrated, Kiley's humor through the entire ordeal is what makes it all just too good — especially his mouthed "F*CK!" after attempt number one. Watch the full hilarious video above.

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