The Diaper Made With New Babies — and New Parents — in Mind

There are a lot of things to be anxious about when expecting a new baby, but diapers shouldn't be a contributing factor. When I was expecting my first, I remember feeling so overwhelmed when it came to things like diaper sizes and tracking diaper changes. In fact, the first person who gave me any type of "diaper lesson" was the nurse in the maternity ward. I remember my husband saying to me, "So, they would just let you take a baby home without knowing this stuff?!" It feels shocking and foreign, and why wouldn't it — it's not something you need to know until you need to know it . . . kind of like filing taxes. Thankfully, that nurse was our diaper CPA and helped guide me through the whole process — from what type of diaper to buy to how many to have on hand to how often you should change them. There is definitely a learning curve when it comes to diapering, but we found that Pampers was the easiest, most convenient solution for new parents like us.

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The first lesson we needed to learn was that not all diapers are created equal, and you really need to find a diaper that fits all your — and your baby's — needs. She suggested going with Pampers Swaddlers for a few different reasons. First, the comfort factor. The ultrasoft absorbent layers help protect delicate newborn skin, which was important to us as first-time parents. And since keeping our baby's skin dry and healthy was a priority, the wetness indicator was a game changer. Once we realized that little yellow line in the front of the diaper turned blue whenever our baby's diaper was wet, tracking diaper changes those first few weeks became 10 times easier.

Next (and this may feel like diapers 101), diapers aren't one size fits all, and babies grow out of diapers just as quickly as they grow out of clothing. Just like you may have heard that you don't need as many newborn clothes as you'd think, you don't need a stock of that many newborn diapers. In fact, your baby might skip the newborn size entirely. I had one box of Pampers Swaddlers in newborn and one box in size one. Once we knew how much our baby weighed, we sent our family to buy us another box in the appropriate size so it was already at our house when we came home from the hospital. That lasted us for our first few days at home, until my husband set up a reoccurring diaper order.

Our son never suffered from a diaper rash or an uncomfortable bottom thanks to the absorbent fit of Pampers Swaddlers ($10) and the gentle touch of Pampers Aqua Pure Wipes ($10). Eventually, as any parent will tell you, changing diapers went from five stressful minutes every hour to an easy 20 seconds every few hours, and a big reason for that was the types of diapers we chose.