18 Cheap DIY Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids

Calling all the crafty moms out there! If making DIY Halloween costumes for your kids is on your to-do list, now's the time to start planning. From costumes made of cardboard to those created from pieces your kids probably already have in their closets, the following do-it-yourself costumes are sure to inspire you to take your craftiness to a whole new level this season.

Whether you want to turn your little one into Max from Where the Wild Things Are, Elliot from E.T., or BB-8 from Star Wars, keep reading to figure out how to get it done easily and on the cheap!


Unicorn Candy Milkshake

This costume looks good enough to eat!

What you need to do: Grab some pastel paint, a plastic laundry hamper, a variety of foam shapes, some poster board, and a few extras, and follow Hello, Wonderful's comprehensive step-by-step instructions!


Baby BB-8

Get the littlest Star Wars fan in on the action!

What you need to do: Head to your local craft store to pick up some foam shells, some paint, and some elastic and fabric straps. Then follow Noteworthy 3D's easy instructions.


Ash From Fantastic Mr. Fox

This Fantastic Mr. Fox costume is goals.

What you need to do: Take your basic white or cream sweater and leggings and black stocking cap, then add some patches, goggles, athletic socks, and fox ears and a bushy tail, and you'll look like one fantastic fox.


Clark Kent/Superman

What's cooler than a Superman costume? A Clark Kent/Superman combo!

What you need to do: Get a store-bought or DIY Superman tee, a white button-down and tie, and any old pair of pants. Just don't forget Clark's signature glasses!


Police Officer

This baby is ready to keep our streets safe.

What you need to do: Grab a navy tee and leggings, add some toy police accessories like these, and your baby is ready to go on patrol.


Knight Helmet

What could be cooler than a knight's helmet made complete of cardboard?!

What you need to do: Download Zygote Brown's free template and instructions, and turn some cardboard, feathers, and buttons into an awesome knight's helmet. Add a black, brown, or gray tee and leggings set, and you're good to go!



Star Wars fans of all ages will love this R2-D2 costume.

What you need to do: Head to your local craft store to pick up some paper-mache boxes, foam shells, paint, and elastic and fabric straps. Then follow Noteworthy 3D's easy instructions.


Baby Lion

What could be cuter than a baby lion?

What you need to do: Grab a tan tee and leggings or a romper (this one's from The Baby Bird Boutique) and a pair of nude or gold shoes, and fashion your own lion mane using a cardboard cutout and a lot of feathers.



It doesn't get easier (or more wildly cute) than this cheetah costume!

What you need to do: Find a pair of leopard or cheetah ears. Rock them with an all-black or nude ensemble, and pull out an eyeliner or some face paint to add a cat nose and whiskers.


Max From Where the Wild Things Are

Perfect for your little wild ones, this Where the Wild Things Are costume is surprisingly easy to re-create.

What you need to do: Find a white hooded jumpsuit (a hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants would also work); add an animal tail, ears, and pipe cleaner whiskers; and top it off with a yellow felt crown.



Don't splurge for a premade Olaf costume. Make your own on the cheap!

What you need to do: Have some sewing skills? Follow Peekaboo Pages' free tutorial, including a free pattern, and you'll be building a snowman in no time.


Super Mario

Really put the "super" in Super Mario with this easy costume.

What you need to do: A red tee, navy pants, and some easy paper and felt add-ons make this costume as easy as it is cute. Fashion a mustache out of paper, tape or sew some felt suspenders to your tee, and DIY your own Mario hat (or buy a ready-made one).



This DIY robot is as fun to make as it is to wear!

What you need to do: Fashion a robot helmet out of a cardboard box, use dryer vents to make the legs, and pick up Inclusion Project's robot tee or make your own.


Elliot From E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

This Elliot costume is as easy as it gets and couldn't be cuter.

What you need to do: Dress your little one in a red hoodie and jeans and put them on a tricycle with a basket, which you'll stuff with a blanket-wrapped E.T. face (you'll find tons of options online or can draw your own!).



Since the emoji keyboard launched for iPhone, emoji have been taking over more than just text conversations. They're taking over Halloween, too!

What you need to do: Create an extralarge version of your favorite emoji with cardboard and paint, attach some straps to it, and tie it on. We might recommend adding some eye holes!


Harry Potter

With last year's release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, young children are getting a peek at what Harry Potter mania was like back when the original seven books were released.

What you need to do: Wear a Hogwarts-appropriate cardigan or blazer, complete with tie and school crest, some round glasses, and, of course, a wand.


Brand From The Goonies

We love this Brand from The Goonies costume because it's easy to achieve and will be a big hit with every parent who grew up in the '80s.

What you need to do: Cut off the sleeves of a gray sweatshirt, layer some athletic shorts over a pair of sweats, and don't forget to wrap that red bandana around your little one's cute forehead.


Paw Patrol

What kid doesn't want to turn into a puppy once in a while?

What you need to do: Turn a plain tee, leggings, and hat into a Paw Patrol fan's dream costume by adding fabric spots, firehouse details, and a floppy pair of ears.