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The Best DIY Yard Games for Kids

15 DIY Backyard Games Your Kids Will Never Get Sick of Playing

The Best DIY Yard Games for Kids

If you feel like the first half of 2020 has been the longest six months of your life, you probably aren't alone. And if you have run out of ideas to entertain your kids from the comfort and safety of your home, again, you probably aren't the only parent struggling in that regard. Luckily, there are tons of games and activities you can engage in so they (almost) feel like they are having a normal summer after all.

These are the best DIY yard games for kids you can do right now, regardless of your skill level. So just in case you totally aren't the Pinterest perfect parent — which, let's face it, so few of us are — you'll impress and entertain your kids with at least one of these games. No one is telling you to make a mini theme park or carnival out of your backyard, but you can still fill the rest of the summer with worthwhile memories. Keep reading to find your perfect game!

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