This Video of Elmo Helping a Family Rescue a Dog Is the Human Version of a Belly Rub

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Sesame Street fans and animal-lovers alike rejoiced when Elmo rescued a puppy this summer (if you missed the introduction to the newest member of Sesame Street on the HBO Max special, prepare to swoon over furry-faced Tango), but the little red monster has quickly learned the power of a pet bond and is now on a mission to get more dogs adopted.

To that end, Sesame Street is partnering with The Dodo to combine real-life animal adoption stories with everyone's favorite Muppet characters in a new spin-off series.

In Families For Furry Friends, Elmo serves as an apprentice to an actual shelter worker named Elli Frank, whose job is matching rescue dogs to loving "forever families."

Although Elmo may be new to working in an animal shelter, he has a knack for bonding with dogs and for figuring out exactly what makes each pup special — even if it's a penchant for chewing shoes or having "the wiggles." Despite these unique pet personalities, the well-connected Elmo always has a friend in mind — a real-life kid who would be the perfect big brother or sister to a little (or sometimes very large) dog.

Watch the first of three short-but-sweet episodes (plus, stay tuned for a Cookie Monster cameo!) now, and check out more on The Dodo Kids YouTube channel.