This "Don't Make Me Use My Mom Voice" Candle Comes in a Cabernet Scent, Because Duh

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It happened one evening in our seemingly peaceful household. My boys, ages 11 and 6, were running around like the tiny anarchists they are and things were getting crazy. The littlest one was totally naked, not caring about the neatly folded pile of clean pajamas I had put out for him. The older one was still on his computer playing Minecraft. Finally, once they were both dressed for bed, I had had enough and just wanted bedtime to be done. So while they were dawdling in the bathroom fighting over who would use the last drop of berry sparkle toothpaste, I lost it. "BRUSH YOUR TEETH . . . NOW." Yes, I used my mom voice, and it was terrifying. I don't like to pull it out often, but when I do, people listen. Let's just say, teeth were brushed that night. In fact, my voice was so authoritative my husband headed to the bathroom to start on his nightly oral hygiene regimen a little early.

Oh, the power of the mom voice — stern, authoritative, and not easily ignored. But if you use it all the time, does it have the same effect? Instead of breaking out said voice, maybe try lighting this Don't Make Me Use My Mom Voice Candle ($20) from Malicious Women Co. Perhaps the kids will see its flickering flame and know that you are on the verge of losing it. Or perhaps you'll light it and feel a sense of calm from the fragrance (infused with one last warning) and warm glow. Either way it's a win-win.

This hand-poured candle comes in two fun scents that will make your impending mom-splosion a little less frightening. Cabernet All Day has a "strong sweet grape aroma and hints of strawberries and sugar," good enough to tide you over until you can finally pour yourself a glass of the real thing. The Vanilla Cupcake fragrance boasts a "sweet buttery vanilla scent" that will totally fool the kids into thinking you baked a batch of cupcakes. Hey, if they start listening, maybe you'll think about actually giving them a treat!

Keep in mind that these 100 percent soy-wax candles have 45-hour burning capabilities and are totally free of harsh chemicals, which makes the price point a steal. Are they environmentally friendly? Yes! The cute amber-hued apothecary jar that holds the candle is meant be reused and the label is made from recycled craft paper. And each candle comes with a handwritten note of encouragement from one of Malicious Women Co.'s snarky writers.

Grab one for yourself and maybe a few more for your fellow moms who could use a little support on those mom-voice-inducing days.