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"Duolingo For Talking to Children" SNL Skit

SNL Imagined a Duolingo App For Talking to Kids, 'Cause Some of Us Really Need It

Talking to kids can be tough. Sometimes, navigating a conversation with a toddler (or a teenager!) can feel just as challenging as speaking a foreign language. That's why Saturday Night Live's idea for a Duolingo app to translate chats with children is hilariously genius — and should be real!

During the show's Nov. 2 episode, SNL host Kristen Stewart waded into unfamiliar territory to learn how to communicate with kids. Thanks to her Duolingo app, she knew just the right compliments to deliver ("nice backpack!") and the appropriate responses. Laugh all you want, but at the end of the day, even parents could use an app like this. Watch the funny sketch above, and start taking notes. This video might drive you to petition the actual Duolingo to engineer something similar!

Image Source: NBC
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