Add a Fun Twist to Easter With These Free Scavenger Hunt Printables

Happiness is Homemade
Happiness is Homemade

If you're struggling to find ways to make this year's Easter feel joyful despite practicing social distancing from extended family and community, something as simple as switching up your family's Easter egg hunt can add some much-needed excitement. Scavenger hunts require kids to think critically and problem solve. Plus, the thrill of the hunt can be just as rewarding as finally getting their hands on their Easter baskets!

How to Set Up the Hunt

Start by printing out the clue cards. We've rounded up five free Easter scavenger hunts that you can download and print at home, depending on which version works best for your family.

Next, hide the clues! You can either hide them in the open or tuck them inside plastic Easter eggs and hide those. If you have more than one child, try color coding the plastic eggs so that each child is assigned one color. Mix up the order of the clues and have kids only pick up eggs in their color. Make sure each child has the same clue as their last clue.

Happiness is Homemade

This Easter scavenger hunt printable from Happiness is Homemade is easy enough for the smallest kids to enjoy.

Hey Let's Make Stuff

If you're looking for a sweet and short scavenger hunt, you'll love this version from Hey Let's Make Stuff.

Sister's Suitcase

This Easter scavenger hunt printable from Sister's Suitcase includes generic locations that can be found in every house and can be completed indoors.

Spend With Pennies

If you're looking to customize some of the clues, this Easter scavenger hunt from Spend With Pennies includes blank clue cards.

Moms & Munchkins

Want to really milk the experience? This Easter scavenger hunt from Moms & Munchkins includes 16 clue cards and even incorporates some energy burning exercise breaks.