Meet Pixar's "Elemental"'s Ember in This Exclusive Clip

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We get excited about any new Disney and Pixar release, and "Elemental" is no exception. The new movie, which will release in theaters on June 16, is set in a city surrounded by characters of conflicting elements: land, fire, water, and air. It focuses on two characters — Ember, whose sign is fire, and Wade, whose sign is water — who discover they have more in common than you'd think, despite their obvious differences.

In a clip shared exclusively with POPSUGAR, we get to know a little more about Ember, who's described as "tough, quick-witted, and fiery." She's being pursued by Clod, a young earth sign who's eager to take Ember to the June Bloom. Ember gently declines, telling him that "elements don't mix!"

The clip also teases Ember's feeling of being an outsider in the city, which is dominated by water, air, and land people. At one point, she deftly raises an umbrella to protect her flames from a splash of water, saying that, "the city isn't made with fire people in mind."

Watch the adorable clip above, or find it at this link — and learn more about "Elemental," including the plot and cast, here.