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Together with Target, we're sharing simple DIYs that will make your Easter Sunday one for the books.

Since you and your family will likely be spending most of your Easter Sunday indoors this year, take the opportunity to get a little crafty and get your hands dirty together. Doing DIYs as a family is a way for everyone to bond and express some of that pent-up creative energy. Plus, the end results will add some springtime cheer into your home no matter what. Keep reading for four easy and fun Easter DIYs that will get the whole family working together.

For the texting-obsessed people in your family, these cheeky emoji face eggs will be a superfun project. You'll need some unfinished paper maché eggs, acrylic paint in yellow, white, red, and light blue, paint markers in black, and a few small paintbrushes. Start by painting your eggs with the yellow paint and leave them to dry overnight in the egg carton. The next morning, get to doodling! Choose your favorite emoji, and use the thin paintbrushes and paint markers to make their faces.

Cascarones — aka hollowed-out eggs filled with confetti — are an Easter tradition in many Latin countries. Kids and adults alike will take their confetti-filled eggs and break them over the heads of their friends and family, bringing them good luck for the year ahead. These fun eggs are very easy to make — start by grabbing a carton of eggs and use a toothpick to make a small hole at one end of each egg to let everything drain out. Carefully rinse out your eggs and let them dry. Then, using a dye kit, dye your eggs in whatever crazy colors you'd like! Once dry, fill the eggs with confetti and tape a piece of tissue paper over the hole. Time to get cracking — over heads, that is!

Want to take your Easter basket to the next level? Adding artificial, dried, or fresh flowers to your basket adds a whole new visual element. Use a neutral basket — you want the colors of the flowers to really pop. Using a natural fabric ribbon, wrap the basket so that the flowers have something to stick to. Carefully cut the stems from your flowers and, using a hot glue gun, glue the blooms onto the ribbon all the way around the basket. You want this to look super full and lush, so make sure there aren't any holes or empty spots — and don't forget the top rim of the basket.

When crafting your Easter table, if you don't want to go all in with the bunny and egg motifs choose something more neutral that channels Spring vibes. Start with a minimal vase and build out a pretty bouquet using dried flowers like protea, pampas grass, or other colorful blooms, and build your tablescape from there. Add on a leafy garland that runs along the middle of the table and perhaps a succulent terrarium or bud vase.