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Family Outfit Ideas For Easter

These Festive Easter Looks Are Perfect For the Whole Family

Alongside Target, we've compiled your ultimate Easter outfit guide for the whole family.

Even though you're likely staying indoors with just your immediate family this year, Easter provides the perfect opportunity to add a little welcome positivity and celebration to your life. Just because you can't do the full-blown neighborhood egg hunt doesn't mean you can't go all out within your own home! Use Easter as an opportunity to get creative with your family — cook together, come up with fun inside games, and share why you're grateful for each other. Plus, it's the perfect excuse to get out of those sweats, even if you're just going from the kitchen to the dining room table. Keep reading for curated outfits that will satisfy all the sartorially minded folks in your home, from adults to little ones.

Outfits For Mom

No matter your style, there's something here for everyone, from floral dresses to wide-leg jeans. Maybe you want to stick to your yearly tradition of dressing up in the spirit of the Spring holiday, or perhaps you'd rather embrace the cozy vibes and go for a more relaxed look. Either way, go for fresh colors and bold prints to get into the Easter state of mind.

Outfits For Dad

Same goes for dads — you might want to class up the joint (ahem, your living room) a little bit and throw on a tailored blazer over a pair of crisp chinos. There's also the chic option of jogger pants and a pressed hoodie if you want to take it down a notch.

Outfits For Girls

There's nothing cuter than kids in their Easter finest, amirite? See how your little one feels in the morning — if the parents are dressing up, she might want to do the same, but if she's feelin' the casual look, the family might want to follow along. You can also tailor the outfit to the activity you're going to do. A more low-key look is probably better for big-time cooking projects, for example.

Outfits For Boys

Easter is a great time for your little dude to be extra dapper, whether he's dressed to the nines or a bit more casual. He might be super proud to wear a three-piece outfit complete with tiny suspenders, or he might feel better running around in shorts and a cute sailor-inspired striped tee.