These Parents Filmed a Mean Girls Scene For Their Kid's School Project, and Yes, She Got an A

It's not unusual for parents to offer a hand when it comes to their kids' school projects, but one TikToker's parents truly went the extra mile for their daughter. As shared by Mia Finney on Wednesday, her parents agreed to help re-create the famous four-way call scene from Mean Girls for her final film project, and their dedication was unmatched. In the viral video that's already racked up almost 800,000 views, her dad, Ernie Finney, who's also on TikTok, played Karen Smith, her mom played Gretchen Wieners, and the 21-year-old took on the roles of Cady Heron and Regina George. While each of their performances were superb, Ernie's "I can't go out, I'm sick" paired with his fake coughs are simply iconic. And in case you were wondering, yes, Mia got the A she deserved for the project.

Mia, who has over six million followers on TikTok, temporarily moved back home to live with her parents at the start of the pandemic and started making videos with Ernie. The two take on viral challenges and re-create scenes at their favorite places, like the movie theater or a camp site. Watch the hilarious Mean Girls reenactment above, and check out more of Mia's videos on TikTok.