Mickey Mouse-Shaped Mozzarella Bites Are Now Here, So No Need to Stress About Snack Time

Grab the marinara sauce, 'cause Mickey- and Minnie Mouse-shaped mozzarella bites are here to add a little fun to snack time, whether it's for the kids or for the nostalgic adults. Known for its easy-to-make frozen meals and appetizers, Farm Rich just teamed up with Disney to launch these fun new mozzarella shapes. You and your kids can now snack on cheesy bites inspired by Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse's iconic bow.

Made from 100-percent real mozzarella cheese and topped with a whole-grain-rich coating, these yummy treats are priced at $7 a box. You can find them now in the freezer aisles at grocery stores nationwide, including Wegmans, Publix, and Kroger, as well as online through Amazon Fresh. Check out the packaging below, and be on the lookout for these adorable mozz snacks at your local grocery store.

Farm Rich