A Mom Locked Out of Her Laundry Room Scaled the Laundry Chute With a Harness, and I'm Very Impressed

When it comes to getting chores done, sometimes you just need to get creative. Recently, Cheryl Wenzel, a mom from Woodstock, IL, took matters into her own hands when her laundry room door broke. In a now-viral Facebook post shared by her son, Jon, he detailed her adventure into the unknown — aka down the laundry shoot via harness — and I'm frankly pretty impressed by her bravery.

"So the doorknob on our laundry room broke on Sunday and we couldn't get the door open," he wrote. "We were left with one option to get in: the laundry chute." So far, the photos have racked up 69,000 shares since Dec. 12 because, hey, you have to have guts to even attempt this, right? Read through to get a look at the hilarious pictures that would honestly make Home Alone's 8-year-old Kevin McCallister pretty dang proud.

Photo's of Cheryl's Laundry Chute Adventure