A Dad Pretended to Be Abducted by an Alien in This Viral Video, and I Am Positively Screaming

Anna Beffer, a woman from Tulsa, OK, recently shared possibly the most incredible video I have ever seen on Facebook. The hilarious clip shows her father — who's clearly both creative and armed with a wicked sense of humordressed up as a full-on alien and pretended to abduct himself. Not only do I respect the hell out of this guy for setting up his prank six weeks before Halloween, but the sheer passion in his eyes is literally one for the books. Anna captioned the video, "Had to share this . . . my dad just . . . wow," and it's already racked up nearly nine million views. We've got to hand it to this man; his vocabulary choices combined with the fact that he tried to hang onto a tree midway through the clip has us absolutely freakin' rolling. Watch until the end for a good laugh.