Gabrielle Union Sums Up How Potty Training Is Going With This Video of 2-Year-Old Kaavia

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade are feeling the pain of parents everywhere as they tackle potty-training with 2-year-old Kaavia. On Jan. 16, Gabrielle posted a funny video that features Kaavia and the toddler's famous side-eye as they talk about where she should be going to the bathroom.

"Did you poo-poo in the potty?" Gabrielle asks Kaavia in the Instagram video, to which she responds, "Yep!" Kaavia tries to change the subject, like the smarty she is, but Gabrielle isn't having it. This pretty much sums up how potty-training goes for most parents, right? "Man . . . If this is her at 2, Lord help us," Gabrielle captioned the 'gram. We have a feeling Kaavia will keep things fun in her family forever. Watch the hilarious mom moment from Gabrielle above.