Gabrielle Union and Kaavia Bring Rainbow Brightness to Our Lives With Matching Dresses

Gabrielle Union didn't think she'd be the "twinning" type of mom, but then she started finding matching outfits for herself and her 2-year-old, Kaavia James. Over the weekend, Gabrielle shared sweet snaps of a home photo shoot with the pair wearing Caroline Constas rainbow dresses.

"Never thought I'd be the chick that liiiiives for a #twinningwithmommy moment but here I am," she wrote on Instagram. "And I [love] it." Peep the location and you'll see she added a quick "Twinning Is Winning" to the 'gram. Their striped dresses look like great mommy-daughter picks, perfect for playing around in the backyard. It's easy to see why Gabrielle would want oodles of photos to commemorate this moment. Get a closer look at their fun matching moment in the photos ahead.