This Simple "Ghost Hunt" Idea Is a Great Way For Kids to Trick-or-Treat at Home

All this talk about Halloween being canceled just because trick-or-treating might be off limits? Not a chance. Especially not when there are clever ways to still get kiddos in on the candy-grabbing fun. Ashlee Nicholas, a mom and special education teacher, came up with a simple substitute that parents can pull off.

In a video originally posted to TikTok, Ashlee demonstrates the making of a candy "ghost hunt." All you need to do is wrap individual pieces of candy (or small toys, she suggests) in white tissue paper, tie them with a ribbon, draw a face, and then hide the DIY ghosts around your home. If you aren't keen on candy, Ashlee first got the idea from a fellow mom, Holly Nicole, who wrapped up apples in the ghost tissue paper for her toddler to find!

And for those who still want to get outside on Halloween night, even if they can't go door to door, she also offered up another glow-in-the-dark version of the ghost hunt, complete with glo sticks. Happy hunting!