A Girl With Alopecia Won "Crazy Hair Day" at School Thanks to Some Seriously Sparkly Butterflies!

For kids in elementary school, it can sometimes be a scary place to fit in. There are new teachers, new classmates, and new experiences happening, usually all simultaneously. When Gianessa Wride found out she had a "crazy hair day" contest at school a few years ago, her mom not only decided to get super crafty, but to go all out in terms of decor to help her daughter feel good about herself. Gianessa, then 7 years old, has the autoimmune disease alopecia, and her hair and eyebrows fell out. In an interview with People in 2017, Gianessa's mom, Daniella, spoke candidly about how losing her hair made her daughter feel. "It was upsetting to her, and it was hard for me as well, but not because of what she looks like. I was more upset thinking that somebody might bully my daughter and I didn't want her to ever feel less beautiful than she is," Daniella said.

So when Daniella learned about her daughter's "Craazy Hair Day" during the school's Spirit Week, she picked up a bunch of gorgeous adhesive jewels for her daughter. The end result? Well, the pictures speak for themselves. Gianessa looked absolutely beautiful, and the school gave Gianessa first place in the contest!

While these photos are from 2017, the pictures have gone viral again this year, proving that kids and families are continuing to be inspired by Gianessa's story.