These Photos of 3 Girls Dressed as the Hocus Pocus Witches Are Incredible — Mary Is Spot-On!

Amok! Amok! Amok! Jennifer "JB" Buck, a photographer at Just Be PhotoJennic Photography, dance teacher, and creator of the nonprofit dance company B.C. Fields Dance Co., captured three 10-year-old girls dressed up as Winnie, Sarah, and Mary Sanderson from Hocus Pocus, and damn, they're giving the original famous actors a run for their money! The girls, all of whom are some of the youngest members of JB's dance company and have been her students for years, completely blew JB's expectations for the shoot out of the water, despite her having a good feeling that they'd be the perfect trio for a photo shoot just like this.

"In our last dance production in July, we were at a rehearsal and I saw them goofing off, being themselves, and I thought 'Oh my goodness, those three would be the perfect Sanderson sisters!' And the rest is history!" JB told POPSUGAR, sharing that over the years she's photographed all three girls multiple times. "Plus they are used to me telling them what to do, LOL. They are all best friends, which also made this super easy!"

After gathering the clothing and props needed for the shoot, including those amazing wigs and a hilarious toy vacuum, JB got the girls together and had them play around with their characters. "I knew it would be pretty awesome, BUT I never expected it to be shared and liked by so many on social media! It makes us all so happy! They absolutely nailed it! Each of them embodied their characters perfectly and had so much fun, and that's what matters most!"

Scroll through to see all of the incredible photos JB took — and can we just talk about how spot-on all of Mary's facial expressions are?!