Do You Wanna Build an Updo? 9 Hairstyles That'll Have You Looking Like Elsa in No Time

Children, mine included, have been singing the songs from Disney's Frozen for years now, but my daughter went a step above crooning the tunes over and over again — she wanted their updos. And badly. She told me she wished her locks would look "exactly how the real Anna and Elsa's mommy does theirs." So, as any good mom (who's bad at hair) would do, I scoured the web and found a few easy enough tutorials that are sure to have your Arendelle-dreaming-lady looking like the princess you already know she is.

And with Frozen 2 coming, I can only imagine how much more these tutorials will come in handy! See them all ahead.

Additional reporting by Murphy Moroney

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Anna's Quick-and-Easy Braids

If your kid has superlong hair, this hairdo is a great choice if you're new to this whole braiding thing. It also keeps her hair off the back of her neck during the Summer months, which makes it a win-win.

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The French-Braid Version of Anna's Hair

Start from the back of her head and work your way forward for a loose, laid-back option. Pro-tip: this style might be tricky if your child has layers.

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Elsa's Side Pony-Braid Hybrid

If you're thinking of Frozen-inspired hair, this is probably the style at your little one's tippy top of her list.

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An Ellaborate Version of Elsa's Megabraid

This gorgeous braid hybrid looks just like Anna's. Bonus: it's superelegant and totally works if you're going to a fancy event with your mini mes in tow.

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Elsa's Simple Coronation Updo

This bun pulls double duty: your little girl will look just like her favorite princess, and the updo will survive through gym class.

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Elsa's Exact Coronation Twist

Match the character's exact look with this ribbon twist that looks stunning from all angles. The best part? You get the pretty result without any braiding.

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A Regal Elsa Bun

This braid-bow combo literally screams "add an accessory to me!" Go with fresh flowers or weave a few ribbons into this classic look.

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Anna's Coronation Crown

Give your Anna look-alike the royal treatment with a wraparound braid that's all parts regal sans the fuss.

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A Snowflake-Inspired Pony

A heavy does of symmetry takes this simple ponytail to a whole new level. It's a lot easier than it looks — we promise.