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Calculate a "Parent Salary" Based on What You Do For Kids

I Should Be Making How Much?! Figure Out Your "Parent Salary" With This Helpful Calculator

Calculate a "Parent Salary" Based on What You Do For Kids
Image Source: Unsplash

Parenting is simultaneously the most rewarding and the most thankless job out there. Raising kids is fun and magical, but add up all of the things you do for your kids every day, week, month, year . . . seems like our kids should have to pay us a salary for parenting them, no? Well, now they can — I mean, they can't, they're children, BUT, you can see what your supposed "parent salary" would look like thanks to a hilarious and genius calculator created by Funky Pigeon.

The calculator has the user enter the city they live in, followed by how many hours a week they spend doing eight different jobs — like cooking and laundry — for their kiddos. The calculator then generates a "salary" by figuring out the closest professional equivalents for said jobs in your area and does all the math for you to see how much money you'd make in a year if you were paid for all of those drives to and from school and hours spent helping with homework.

Keep scrolling to see how the "parent salary" calculator works, and find your own salary here — now we just have to figure out how to cash in for this hypothetical figure!

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