My Home May Look Like Chaos Right Now, but It Definitely Isn't Dirty

If there is one thing I don't struggle with, it's being a clean freak. Do I adhere to basic rules of house cleanliness? Of course! But have I always trailed behind my son picking up every toy he throws on the floor? Definitely not. That being said, if I've learned anything from current events it's that a clean home isn't just about keeping your family safe — it helps keep your mind calm. There are a few things within my control, but ensuring the floor my son will inevitably eat a blueberry off of is at least clean is totally doable. Here are my (totally manageable) tips for keeping your house cleanish, so your home is still lived in without being dirty.

Save Cleaning For a Sunny Day

While cleaning your home, don't forget to air it out! I typically wait until a sunny day to clean. That way, I can open every window and door to not only enjoy the sunshine but cycle out the stale air.

Tackle One Chore at a Time

Most "clean house" tips suggest taking it room by room. I'm here to tell you not to waste your time! Because as soon as you're done cleaning one room from top to bottom, someone is sure to come through and ruin all your hard work while simultaneously making you see red. My suggestion is to take it one chore at a time, instead. Focus on vacuuming each room, then dusting, and finally disinfecting (you can definitely spread these throughout the day or even the week!). I always save disinfecting for last, since by that point, most toys have been put away and surfaces are clear. By moving from room to room, tackling each chore, it turns clean-up time into a household activity. I have my son ask Alexa to play our favorite songs, and he follows me as I go around with my bottle of Clorox® Clean-up® Cleaner + Bleach, spraying down each surface, ensuring everything has been cleaned and disinfected.

Clean Sheets are a Game Changer

Trust me, even if your house looks like a pigsty, a freshly made bed with clean sheets can still make you feel totally put together. I recommend stripping your sheets and washing them at least once a week. But if that's asking too much ( I get it ), at least try to make your bed every a.m. It sets the right tone for your day and makes you feel productive first thing in the morning.

Fold Your Laundry as It Comes Out of the Dryer

Raise your hand if you're the type of person who does your laundry and then just pulls clean, wrinkled clothes out of a basket on your floor for the next week and a half! Listen, no one here is judging, but if this habit drives you nuts, one tip I have is to take the time to fold laundry as you take it out of the dryer. It really only adds about 10 minutes to the chore, but it also makes it 10x more likely that you'll actually put your clothes away.

Finally, Have Someone Else Clean the Toilets

This is one chore you should 100 percent delegate. Why? Because your significant other might not know how to fold the laundry they way you like, or be able to organize the pantry to your specifications, but cleaning the toilet is dummy-proof when you have the right tools. Just hand your spouse, your partner, or even your teenage son a bristle cleaning brush with a bottle of Clorox® Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Clinging Bleach Gel. Tell them to squirt, scrub, then flush while you sit back and relax.