How Letting Go of Expectations Helped This New Mom Embrace Motherhood

Birth plan? Check. Hospital bag? Check. Diapers? Check, check. Expecting parents can't help but prepare for and fantasize about the day their little one will finally arrive, so when plans change it can be hard to reconcile. For new mom Zoe, the reckoning came when she was induced at 40 weeks with her son, Raiden. "I had this movie of what I thought labor was going to be like," she said. But after being in labor for 36 hours, Zoe needed a C-section, and she realized she just had to trust the process. "From that point forward I took away this gem of like, learn to love the changes, roll with the punches, and that's all you can control, the present," she said.

That defining moment has given Zoe a new outlook and perspective on parenting. "At the end of the day, all a baby really needs is love, food, and some really good diapers." See how Zoe is loving the change and enjoying motherhood in the video above.

We partnered with Pampers to show how one new mom is loving the change and enjoying motherhood.