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How to Prevent Daycare Germs From Getting Into Your Home

This Mom's Must-Do List When Her Little One Returns From Daycare

How to Prevent Daycare Germs From Getting Into Your Home
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I remember the first time I got the call from daycare: "Hi, Mrs. Murray? This is Miss April from Gabe's daycare. He has a 101 temp, running nose, and cough — when can you come get him?"

Little did I know that this would be the first in a series of "sick calls" from my son's daycare. Each one resulting in me having to drop everything, leave work, and reschedule plans to go pick up my heartbreaking-ly cranky son from daycare. This would then be followed by a frantic dash to the pediatrician for an unscheduled wellness check. I, of course, was always a bit panicked. But the doctor would ask the same series of questions: "When did you notice any symptoms?" "Has he been coughing?" And finally,"Is he in daycare?"

Ask any parent with kids in daycare and they'll tell you the pros (Socializing! Independence! Friends!) and then the big con — they're always catching something.

Listen, I get it. Babies and toddlers in daycare are kind of gross. Running around, slobbering all over everything, stealing each other's pacifiers and bottles, sticking their fingers in their nose, mouth, and pants and then right into the toy chest. Of course germs are going to spread, but that doesn't mean they have to thrive and spread in your own home. Once I came to this realization, we started taking some actionable steps everyday when we came home from daycare to keep our house a germ-free zone.

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