Baby Won't Stop Crying? Try These Soothing Solutions

Once the baby's been fed, burped, changed, and gotten enough sleep, it's hard to know what else could possibly be troubling them. There's the possibility of digestive discomfort, or perhaps the room is warmer or cooler than they'd like. Until they can use their words to let you know, here are a few tried-and-true techniques to try out on your teary-eyed little one. Adopting a mantra of "this too shall pass" can't hurt, either!

  1. Motion: A ride in the car, stroller, or even a stationary swing or rocker just may do the trick. Rock-a-bye, baby.
  2. Noise: White noise creates a calm, womblike environment that puts new babies at ease. You might try a sound machine, white noise app, or even running the vacuum to get them to chill (one day you'll laugh about this, promise).
  3. Just Add Water: The soothing vibe created by a warm bathtub is a trick that works as well on infants as it does on stressed-out adults.
  4. Accessorize!: Have you tried a pacifier? How about a swaddle? Run through your arsenal, keeping in mind what worked last time might not this time around, and vice versa.
  5. Remember, This Is Normal: Try to keep yourself calm, too. Until they can express their needs to you with more clarity, some amount of crying is totally normal and part of infancy. If it becomes constant or excessive (it's all relative, we know), call your pediatrician. It could be colic, reflux, or an insensitivity to something in their formula or breastmilk. Regardless, you'll get through it!