This Trick-or-Treater Gave Up His Halloween Candy in a Kind Act Caught on Security Camera

For many kids, Halloween can turn into a candy free-for-all. Yet, when Jackson Champagne came across an empty bowl while trick-or-treating on Thursday night, he took an unconventionally selfless route. The 8-year-old boy from Maryland decided to donate some of his evening gatherings to a house without any candy, which Leslie Hodges captured on her Nest doorbell camera. She then shared the footage on Facebook.

"This has got to give hope to everyone that there are still amazing people in this world," Leslie captioned the video. "What a selfless act from this little guy! ❤️ Kudos to his parents!!!"

Leslie told The Washington Post she left the bowl out while she took her daughter trick-or-treating. She and her husband came across the footage later, and were amazed by Jackson's generosity. In the clip, you can see him approach the empty bowl and realize there's nothing left, only to reach inside his own bag to leave two handfuls of candy behind. His aunt, who came to the door with him, encouraged the heartfelt gesture. Watch the inspiring video above, and let it warm your post-Halloween soul.