James Van Der Beek's Fun Homeschooling Hack Is a Huge Help to Children With Dyslexia

James Van Der Beek is here to to make learning a little more fun for children with dyslexia, and their parents, too. In a video posted on his Instagram account on Thursday, the father of five — who has opened up about his struggles with dyslexia in the past — shared a trick he taught himself growing up to make writing numbers and letters just a little easier. "This is brilliant — as a teacher, this has given me goosebumps!" commented one fan.

The hack, which focuses on numbers, involves giving each number a personality and a story relevant to all the other numbers' stories. James then acts out the personality of each number in a way that makes the shape and sequence of each one more understandable. "As a mom to a dyslexic son, I could not love this more!!!" wrote another fan. Watch James's full number-writing hack here, and prepare for homeschooling to be a little more fun.