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Jason Derulo Says His Son Is Already Dancing in the Womb

Jason Derulo Is Expecting a Baby and a Backup Dancer: "I Just Picture Him in There Just Getting It"

Jason Derulo's baby would be dancing in the womb. In a recent appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, the TikTok-savvy triple threat spoke about expecting his first child with girlfriend Jena Frumes. "I could not be more excited. . . . Everything happens in the right time," Jason said. "I was just starting to really get baby fever, with age and you meet someone that you really connect with. It happened at just the right time."

Jason went on to talk about Jena's smooth pregnancy so far . . . although the baby has been rather active: "It hasn't been a tough pregnancy at all. She's been really good. The worst thing that happens is he just kicks a lot. Whenever he hears music, he just starts dancing." True to form, Jason added, "I wanna do a TikTok on it, because I just picture him in there just getting it." Watch the full interview above to see Jason demonstrate his baby's dance moves.

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