Jennifer Garner Tears Up as She Talks About How Her Kids Are Coping With Social Distancing

Jennifer Garner is feeling the "heaviness" many parents are experiencing during the worldwide novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The actress recently sat down for a meditation session with Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts, and got emotional talking about how her kids — Violet, 14, Seraphina, 11, and Samuel, 8 — are coping.

"I think right now, what I am experiencing, and a lot of what I am hearing from my girlfriends, and this is trivial in the overall sense of what the world is going through . . . I'm really thinking about my kids," she said. "And what their experience is going to be."

"What is this year full of transitions gonna look like for kids, for my family?"

Jennifer acknowledged that she and her three kids are in a very fortunate position, but it's still difficult. "We have broadband, we have excellent teachers who can teach over Zoom — that is one-in-a-million possibility in this world — and yet, it's also a depressing one," she said. "What is this year full of transitions gonna look like for kids, for my family? How can I keep joy in learning for them or help them just continue to find their resilience? That's where I am today."

Chelsea met Jennifer's worries with compassion, and applauded her transparency as she saw Jennifer tear up. She encouraged Jennifer to be vulnerable and allow herself to bring her feelings to the surface. "I've come from a lineage of women who've had to — as a survival mechanism — not really pause to feel and understand the impact that all of our experiences have on our bodies," Chelsea said.

Jennifer reiterated that she feels "so lucky" to be in the "luckiest possible circumstances" with a roof, food, and a family in good health. She also acknowledged that there's a time and place to feel all the emotions. "I think it's easy to also focus on how lucky you are, and that is true. And I do and I am," she said. "But you have to also let the other stuff be there at the same time, it has to coexist."

Jennifer continued, "It is heavy, it's heavy for everyone. How do kids in this world not just live in all this heaviness?"