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Watch Jennifer Lopez and Her Kids Interview Each Other

Jennifer Lopez and Her Twins Interviewing Each Other Is 1 Minute of Pure Wholesomeness

From that internet-breaking Super Bowl performance to her latest fashion campaign, it seems nearly everything Jennifer Lopez does is intertwined with family. In a new video from her partnership with Coach, the triple-threat exchanged various questions around a plein-air dinner table with her twins, 12-year-olds Max and Emme, and her mom, Guadalupe. Yes, it's as wholesome and heartwarming as it sounds.

In one funny moment, Max was asked to choose between video games and sports, and he simply replied, "Video games. One-hundred percent. I don't like sports." When Emme soon after said she loved playing softball, J Lo said, "OK! We got one sports person in the family." (Besides, you know, Alex Rodriguez?) The video ended on an incredibly sweet note when Jennifer spoke about the holiday season. "Those are my favorite times — when all of us would get together, waiting up till midnight to open a present, or things like that," she said. "Those are magical times." Watch it above.

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