That Viral Girl and Her Dance Teacher Came to America to Perform on The Ellen Show

If you've been on social media in the past few weeks, you've likely scrolled past a now-viral video of a young girl and her dance teacher slaying a synchronized routine together in front of their class. The two break it down to an upbeat song with such impressive energy and badassery, so naturally, I became very invested in the talented duo.

Some internet sleuthing reveals that the girl is a 9-year-old named Anae, and her instructor, Jeny Bonsenge, is the CEO of AfroHousBelgium, a dance school in Brussels. It looks like the pair have been bonding over a mutual love of dance for quite some time now, as they've shared plenty of joint choreographed routines that are sure to make your head spin.

Jeny and Anae's recent dancing video went so viral, in fact, that it caught the attention of Meghan Markle, who sent the clip to Ellen DeGeneres. After Ellen witnessed their talent, she couldn't resist welcoming them to America for the first time to appear on her talk show on Nov. 1. Jeny spoke to Ellen about their adorable relationship, saying, "I think together we share a positive image of love because . . . love has no color." Ain't that the truth! Watch the clip ahead to see Jeny and Anae showing off their slick moves together on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and then keep reading to feel inspired by the rest of their impressive routines.

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