Jessie J Shares First-Trimester Symptoms and Calls Out Internet Hate: "Every Journey Is Different"

After posting a positive pregnancy test on Jan. 6 on Instagram, Jessie J pivoted to share a more raw look at her first trimester, which has included plenty of uncomfortable symptoms. "I can't even explain to you how sick I feel," she shared in a recent Instagram video that is essentially a montage of her experiencing severe morning sickness.

The first trimester can be overwhelming for many. Despite being referred to as "morning sickness," nausea during pregnancy can strike at any time of the day or night and often begins one month after you become pregnant, according to Mayo Clinic. Other symptoms can include fatigue, heartburn, constipation, increased urination, sore breasts, and, of course, food cravings — which might explain why Jessie J wants to be "eating a chocolate covered pickle with no questions asked."

This isn't the first time the singer has been transparent about her fertility experience. After opening up about pregnancy loss in August, the 34-year-old asked her followers to "Please be gentle with me 🫂" when she announced her pregnancy over the weekend. And in her latest video, fans used the comment section to validate her many green-faced emoji (🤢).

"Unpopular opinion but I did not enjoy pregnancy at all," one commenter said. "I was in agony, had hyperemesis and had severe reflux." The person went on to say, "My little boy was my IVF miracle before the haters come for me so already had a rough road to getting pregnant. But hey come on, lets normalise ppl not enjoying the pregnancy stage as not all do!"

However, not all commenters are created equal. On Sunday, the singer called out the negative behavior she had been witnessing online. "The comments on videos about pregnancy is a whole new experience . . . It's very interesting observing how women are with each other," Jessie began on her now-expired Instagram Story, per People. "Let me just say this, pregnancy is the most relatable but UNIQUE journey. We all feel it and experience and deal with it in our OWN way."

"Telling someone how they feel or what to feel is just not the way to do it. I'm not even talking about some of you commenting to me I'm also talking about how you comment on and to each other," she added.

Mayo Clinic confirms that the first trimester is mostly an invisible yet transformative experience happening within the pregnant person, and emotions can run high for several reasons. Besides the influx of hormones and natural mood swings, the emotional stress of a new baby is normal regardless of how thrilled you may feel about being pregnant. But one thing is for sure — no one needs some stranger on the internet telling them what to do or how to feel. "Every body is different. Literally. And every story and journey is different," Jessie J continued in her Instagram Story.

Whether you're a British pop star or just sharing a harmless Instagram post for family and friends, Jessie J says everyone deserves to honor their individual experience. "Pregnancy is not a competition. Pregnancy is not who is doing it better or right because not one way works for everyone."