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Jimmy Kimmel Plays Who Wants to Be a Millionaire With Kids

Jimmy Kimmel Hosted Who Wants to Be a Millionaire For His Kids, and Billy Was So Over It

Sometimes, no matter how much effort you make to organize fun at-home activities for your kids, they simply aren't on board and would probably rather be napping. Jimmy Kimmel learned this firsthand while hosting Who Wants to Be a Millionaire for his two youngest children during Monday night's episode of his late-night show. Whereas his 5-year-old daughter, Jane, was enthusiastic as can be and offered some hilarious commentary under her breath during the game, Jimmy's 2-year-old son, Billy, adorably lost his patience about halfway through, which, I mean . . . relatable.

Jimmy put their knowledge to the test by asking various questions about animals, their favorite movies (Frozen, Spider-Man, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), and Spanish lingo, all of which featured some absurdly random trick answers that made Jane (and us!) laugh out loud. The final, million-penny question was truly the highlight, though. Jimmy asked, "Who is your favorite person?" and made three of the answers "Daddy" and only one of them "Mommy." "Just because we're doing this Millionaire game and nobody really is here, I have to say, just for this game, Dad," Jane said oh so judiciously before sweetly reassuring her offscreen mom that she only said it to win the game. Aww!

Watch the video above to witness the Kimmel kiddos in action and see the hilarious fake answers Jimmy made up for each question.

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