This Video of Joe Biden Hugging the Son of a Parkland Shooting Victim Will Make You Tear Up

An emotional video from 2018 showing Joe Biden meeting with Chris Hixon's family — the athletic director who died trying to save students in the 2018 Parkland massacre — is circulating on Twitter. After greeting Chris's wife, Debra Hixon, Chris's son Corey ran up to introduce himself to the former vice president.

"I'm his son!" Corey yelled. Biden then pulled him in for a long hug and gave him a kiss on the forehead, saying, "Thank you for hugging me." Originally shared by filmmaker Arun Chaudhary on Oct. 21, the touching video started making its rounds.

"I had never seen this clip before today, and now I'm sitting here wiping tears from my face," The Lincoln Project's Michelle Kinney captioned her tweet, which has amassed 9.2 million views on Twitter. "Joe Biden is a good man, and he is our only hope to heal and restore the soul of our nation." Watch until the end to see the full interaction.