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Watch Kate Winslet Share Funny Story About Her Son, Bear

Please Enjoy Kate Winslet's Hilarious Anecdote About Her Son Bear and His Career Aspirations

Kate Winslet opened up about her 7-year-old son, Bear, and as it turns out, he's as funny as his famous mom. In a recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the charismatic actress shared an exchange she had with Bear about his budding career aspirations and how he wants to follow in her footsteps. Based on his dramatic proclamation, we think he's definitely got what it takes.

"My son was hilarious the other day," Kate said. "He turned to me and said, 'Mum, I've got a confession to make . . . I'm just gonna come out with it.'" At the time, Kate thought, "Oh my god, the drama!" Bear then proceeded to very seriously say, "I wanna be an actress." As Kate stifled her laughter, Bear replied, "It's not funny. I want to be an actress. Sign me up. Just do it, mum. Just sign me up." Kate told Jimmy, "What do you do with that? Honestly, it's hilarious." Watch her share the funny anecdote, and talk about all three of her kids, around the four-minute mark in the video above.

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