Destiny's Actual Child: Kelly Rowland Says Beyoncé and Michelle Williams Watched Her Give Birth

A true Destiny's Child is born! In January, Kelly Rowland welcomed her second son, Noah, with husband Tim Weatherspoon, and the singer recently revealed she shared the birthing experience virtually with family members — including her "sisters" Beyoncé and Michelle Williams.

"We had our family join on Zoom," Kelly told People. "They were able to see Noah come into the world. It was beautiful." Beyoncé and Michelle met him in person shortly after birth, Kelly said in an earlier Entertainment Tonight interview. She shared that they are "awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome" aunts. "The girls were literally over here at the house just recently and when they met the baby, it was like another part of my heart just . . . being able to share space with Michelle and Bey is truly a gift," she continued.