A Toddler Got Scared by a Halloween Spider Decoration, and He Certainly Showed It Who’s Boss

A 3-year-old named Charlie just had what looks like his first true fight or flight experience in a Spirit Halloween store, and let's just say it's Charlie: 1, giant animatronic Halloween spider: 0. In a video posted to his dad Frank's Facebook, Charlie can be seen approaching the spider to pet it, when all of a sudden it comes to life . . . and so then, does Charlie.

"OK Charlie, it's OK!" his dad says from behind the camera as Charlie goes absolutely ape sh*t on the spider, which to be fair, did take him by surprise. "I want to hit it," Charlie says with a straight face. It's all good, Charlie; if a giant spider attacked me, I'd also get a little scrappy. Watch the whole hilarious video above.