We Know Halloween Is So Over, but You Have to See This Girl’s Harry Potter Howler Costume

OK, OK, we know that Halloween is SO over, but bear with us because you have to see this: a girl dressed up as Ron Weasely's howler letter from his mom in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and Merlin's beard, she is spot on! Deborah Hurry posted a video of Lily in her homemade costume, which consisted of a cardboard howler envelope, a white t-shirt with the letter printed on it, and a wild hairdo to match the aggressive energy of Molly Weasley's note. Not only does Lily completely nail down each and every word of Molly's letter to Ron, she does it in the most perfect angry tone, effortlessly switching over to a sweet voice to congratulate Ginny for being sorted into Gryffindor, just like in the book and movie.

Seriously, this girl crushed it! See her entire performance in the video above and if you have a Harry Potter-lover on your hands, shop the best HP-themed gifts for kids this holiday season (because Halloween needs to actually be over now — holidays, here we come!).