These Haunted Playhouses Give Halloween Decorating a Pint-Size Twist

Get kids in on the Halloween decorating fun by giving their playhouse a haunted makeover. They'll have a blast arranging mini pumpkins, stringing outdoor lights, and putting their own spooky spin on your family's Halloween decor. We've rounded up plenty of inspiring examples, ranging from quick and easy to impressively complex. So, bust out your pumpkin spice latte, pour your little one some apple cider, and let the Fall bonding time begin!

Try incorporating your favorite Halloween movies like this Sanderson sisters sign for Hocus Pocus fans.

Repetition can make a big impact. Instead of corralling a bunch of different props, buy a pack of spiders and some webbing to steal the show.

If you have a fence near the playhouse use it to hang Halloween-themed signs.

If your playhouse is indoors, even better! This haunted playhouse and teepee duo can be enjoyed in any weather.

You know what's better than one gigantic fake spider? Two!

Hang "beware" signs and see who dares to trespass.

The "Creep It Real" doormat keeps it light and playful.

Battery-operated candles and outdoor string lights make this haunted playhouse glow once the sun sets.

Hang a Halloween-themed wreath to add a pop of festive color.

Display your child's Halloween-themed art work, like this black cat mask and paper bats, on the playhouse for a DIY feel.

One huge spider is an easy purchase and clearly steals the show.

A tiny witch broom is an especially adorable prop.

Position a large skeleton in an outdoor chair for a bone-chilling effect.

Crows are another animal that can be fun to perch around the playhouse.

This "Dead & Breakfast" sign is a perfect pun.

Human skeletons are a classic touch, but something like this bat skeleton will really make the kids do a double take.

Create a creepy pathway to the playhouse to ramp up the drama.

Jack Skellington-inspired decor will delight any Nightmare Before Christmas fan.

Try staking something into the ground like this creative sign that warns of witches, poisons, magic, spells, enchantments, and potions.

This Wooden Dollhouse ($130) from Target's Hearth & Hand with Magnolia collection isn't exactly a playhouse, but it's a great example of how to replicate the idea for dollhouses, teepees, play kitchens, or whatever your child has. We love the monster door!