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Watch Kim Kardashian Talk About Her Family Holiday Card

Kim Kardashian on the Drama of Holiday Cards and a Photoshopped North: "There's Always One"

It doesn't matter if you're the most famous reality TV star or one of the most successful businesswomen of the modern day, fame can't prevent temper tantrums, and Kim Kardashian can absolutely attest to that! During a candid appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Skims creator and mom of four spilled the details of what went into her family holiday card this year, all starting with one moody 6-year-old. After deciding to nix the annual Kardashian-Jenner card this year, Kim admitted that planning a photo shoot with her immediate family was surprisingly just as dramatic.

"It's the most anxiety to get four kids together, smiling in a room," she told Ellen. "North was having a day. She refused to be in the shoot and she was crying because she wanted her specific hairstyle, whatever. I said, 'Fine, you're not going to be in the card, that's the decision. I'm just going to take the family card without you.' And she was fine with that."

But like most little kids (erm, and grown adults), once North realized the implications of her decision, she said she wanted to be in the photo after all. "And it looks like a beautiful card!" Kim said after revealing that the photographer came back the next day for a photo shoot with North. "I would've rather done it this way than the anxiety of what I went through. I mean, Chicago has a cookie in her hand, I was really holding Psalm there. Saint was really there. The rest of us were there, but North . . . it was a lot. There's always one."

This isn't the first time the mogul mama has worked the wonders of Photoshop into family pictures, and we seriously respect it. This past Halloween, Kim confessed that baby Chicago was so terrified of Kanye West dressed as Dino from The Flintstones that she had to edit her in. Hey, getting four kids to cooperate for a photo is nearly impossible, so we totally understand Kim doing what she had to do. Watch her explain the hilarious story above.

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