Parent Complains on Reddit About Son's Lazy Pumpkin Carving Attempt, but Everyone Agrees It's Actually Artistic Genius

Getting kids to participate in festive family fun can be more trouble than it's worth. On Oct. 27, one parent took to Reddit to complain about their child's refusal to get into the Halloween spirit. However, in this case, the internet disagreed.

"Asked my 12 year old to carve a pumpkin with the family. 5 mins later this is what we got!" Redditor turkeyboy57 wrote. "I don't even think he hollowed it out."

What they got was the tiniest little face — two dime-size eyes, one teeny triangle nose, and a slightly off-kilter line of a sly smile — on a giant orange pumpkin.

Sure, it's not exactly what the kid's parents were going for, but the post's commenters had nothing but rave reviews for the handiwork. "I mean, it's kinda cute," one wrote. "This is the best jack-o-lantern I've seen in a long time," said another. Someone noted that "it's not about working hard, it's about working smart."

But perhaps the clearest lesson in all this?

As one person put it: "Also, 'Asked my 12 year old...' kinda says all it needs to in terms of interest and effort."