LeBron James Proves You're Never Too Successful to Call Your Mom With Exciting News

LeBron James just proved that you are never too accomplished or too grown-up to celebrate exciting news with your mom. After leading the Los Angeles Lakers to win their first NBA championship in a decade, the basketball star — who was also named most valuable player for the fourth time — was seen FaceTiming his mom, Gloria Marie James, shortly after.

"I hope I continue to make you proud, mom."

With a cigar in hand and while wearing goggles to protect him from the inevitable champagne that would be sprayed in the locker room, LeBron told Gloria, "At 16 years old, you bring a little ass, big-headed ass boy into the world. Come on, ma. Everything that you have been through — everything that I've seen — there is nothing that can stop me, because this sh*t right here is nothing compared to sh*t you had to go through." He later added, "I hope I continue to make you proud, mom." Watch clips from the heartwarming moment ahead.