This Lego Version of Cinderella's Castle Will Make You Feel Like You're Actually at Disney World

There are plenty of Lego projects kids can't wait to construct, but the first-ever Lego Disney Castle is a sight for fans of all ages (yes, including you) to behold.

Made up of more than 4,000 pieces, it's a near-perfect replica of Disney World's iconic Cinderella Castle, with its stone bridge, spiraled towers, and detailed facade. The just-released build-and-play experience costs $350, and it features more amenities than most real-life homes. In fact, each room showcases elements from a different popular Disney fairy tale: In one, there's a chest with a book of spells as well as a mop and broom. In another, there's an ornate candelabra and a rose with a glass case. One balcony shoots off a fireworks display, and beneath the roof is a hidden glass slipper!

What's more, the set is designed to be combined with the recently debuted Lego minifigures, so the likes of Mickey and Minnie and a host of other Disney characters can come for a stay.

Interested? Prospective buyers can head on over to If you first want a tour of the never-before-seen castle, open-house hours start now . . .