Watch This 4-Year-Old Delicately Sidestep His Mom Asking If She Should Cut His Hair

Jason, a 4-year-old following social-distancing guidelines in Pennsylvania, just really wants a haircut. He doesn't like his hair to be as long as it is, and before you ask, no, he doesn't want his mom to cut his hair it at home. In a sweet and hilarious video taken by his mom Christine and shared by Lauren-Nicole's Salon on Facebook, Jason politely asks, "Do you mind if I could get a haircut?"

So many of us feel Jason's pain, as even though getting haircuts isn't a top priority right now, staying home and staring at your split ends can definitely be a bummer. "Can you get me a haircut and squeeze me in before it bes closed and be open for my next one, like wear a mask or something?" Jason rambles, trying to make his argument more enticing to his mom, who keeps telling him that they'll figure something out. "I really don't like my hair this way," he says, before Christine suggests that she give him an at-home buzz cut. "Maybe a 'sawon' keepers can do it?"

Watch the full video above to see Jason go through a range of expressions throughout his entire adorable plea for a haircut, which is only made better by his being clad in alligator jammies.