Video of a Girl Pretending to Like Her Mom's Pasta Is Quite the Roller Coaster to Watch

@somegoodnews my daughter pretending to like my spaghetti #spaghettidryheaves

— Annie Wilkins (@annie_wilkins) April 1, 2020

Oh, you're having withdrawals from amusement park roller coasters while social distancing? Well this video just so happens to double as a virtual roller coaster, so strap in and get ready to laugh your head off.

Currently making the rounds on Twitter, the clip shows a young girl named Piper go through quite the impressive range of emotions while pretending to like her mom's spaghetti. At first, she's happily chewing on the home-cooked meal and even gives a reassuring "Good!" when her mom asks how it tastes. A split second later, she gags, then immediately regains her composure with a panicked smile, not once, but twice, as her mom sarcastically says, "It looks like you're enjoying yourself." Piper lets out a nervous giggle before eking out a very unconvincing "I'm OK!" at the end. She's essentially the real-life embodiment of the "this is fine" dog meme.

"Since that day she does not like pasta."

We touched base with Piper's mom, Annie, on Twitter, and it turns out the video is actually a throwback from three years ago when her daughter was 4 years old. She shared the hilarious play-by-play of what went down on that fateful day Piper simply couldn't stomach noodles. "I had made spaghetti, like I had done many times before, with no one disliking it. It's actually a dinner all my kids will eat," she told POPSUGAR. "I look over at my daughter and she is gagging with every bite she's taking. She isn't saying anything to me, like she doesn't like it or she doesn't want to eat anymore. She just keeps eating it and gagging."

Annie continued, "She wasn't complaining or anything. I told her she didn't need to finish her dinner if she didn't like it . . . since that day she does not like pasta." Hah! Shout-out to Piper for being such a trooper — that was some A+ acting.