A Man Who Uses a Wheelchair Stood Up to Dance With His Bride in the Most Unique, Heart-Swelling Way

A video of a bride and groom's first dance is going viral, and although the clip is barely a minute long, it's sure to make you tear up by the 30-second mark.

It begins with the beautiful bride sitting on the lap of her husband, who uses a wheelchair. But as soon as she gets up, three men approach, bringing along two chairs and a few black Velcro straps. They sit on either side of the groom, and as he puts his arms around their shoulders, the music crescendos. In one powerful moment, all three stand up in unison.

To the cheers of the crowd and thanks in part to straps connecting their legs, the man is able to stand up as his new wife approaches. They sway from side to side, chests together, for their first dance.

The video was posted by Cristian Pena Lopez on Facebook, with the caption, "It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." To many, that's no exaggeration: it has been shared nearly 500,000 times and has inspired people across the globe. One mother commented: "I have to show my disabled son this, so he'll know that this is a possibility for him as well!"