When a Kid Asked Her Math Teacher For Help, He Showed Up on Her Front Porch With a White Board

My 6th grader emailed her math teacher for some help, so he came over & worked through the problem with her on our front porch. @Chriswaba9 , our neighbor, MMS teacher & MHS Wrestling Coach. #KidsFirst @MadisonMSNews @MarkOsports @dakotasportsnow @dakotanews_now @stwalter20 pic.twitter.com/aniqt2goPB

— Josh Anderson (@DakSt8Football) March 27, 2020

When 12-year-old Rylee Anderson struggled with her algebra homework, she didn't have a ton of options. She couldn't raise her hand and ask her teacher to look over her shoulder, she couldn't whisper to her classmate for help, and — if her parents are like most when it comes to modern-day math instruction — she couldn't ask her mom or dad to explain it to her.

She decided to email her teacher, Mr. Chris Waba, who quickly replied with help. When it was clear that Rylee was still not fully getting it, Waba — who just so happens to live across the street from Rylee — walked out his front door with a white board and a dry erase marker and set up a makeshift classroom on her front porch.

Through the glass doorway, he "worked through the problem," Rylee's dad, Josh Anderson, said in a Twitter post alongside a photo of their one-on-one lesson.

Although the social-distancing mandate encourages people to only leave their homes for essential reasons, it's another great example of how communities can come together while staying apart. And for those teachers who don't have their students living right next door, it's a good reminder that any form of connection — through Google classroom or Zoom video calls — can have an immense impact on a kid. Particularly when it comes to having to solve for X.