You're Going to Want to Steal This Mom's Incredibly Easy DIY Nail Salon to Keep Kids Busy

Melissa Temerowski, a mom of two from Greenville, MI, has been pulling out all the stops to keep her daughters — 4-year-old Adalynn and 1-year-old Skylar — busy while her family is social distancing. Recently, she shared a photo of them painting nails at their DIY "nail salon" to Facebook, and Melissa's idea is an incredible way to buy parents a few minutes of much-needed peace.

"I am constantly trying to think of fun activities for my girls to do to bring some normalcy into the house," Melissa told POPSUGAR. "They love it when I paint their nails for them. On this particular day, Adalynn painted my nails for me and still wanted to do more. Fortunately, the day before we made a fort using cardboard boxes, so I had extras laying around the garage! I have a bunch of old nail polishes, and thought, why not? Adalynn traced my hands, as well as hers and her sister's, and the girls had a blast!"

Seems pretty easy, right? Feel free to steal this brilliant idea the next time you need a little bit of quiet. Then, check out this list of easy indoor activities to do with children at home the next time your kiddos complain of boredom.